Course For Dreamweaver CS5 Exploring CSS

OS X 10.6.6
Learn the power of Cascading Style Sheets in this powerful Dreamweaver tutorial by our webmaster wizard Geoff Blake. CSS is the technology that powers most websites. Dreamweaver's implementation of this technology is by far the most comprehensive on the market. The power of CSS lies in its ability separate the look, feel, and function of a website from it's content. This gives a ton of flexibility, control and ultimately ease of use for any web designer. Imagine designing one set of rules and aesthetics that all pages of a complex website follow. With CSS you design it once and all of your site's features "cascade" automatically throughout all of the pages. Geoff Blake, the ultimate communicator, takes you through every aspect of how CSS works, exploring all of its intricacies and implementation... And he does it in his trademarked friendly and inventive way! You'll have so much fun that you won't even realize that your being educated! That's what makes our "Professor" Blake so inspiring! So if you're looking to learn how to design your websites using Dreamweaver's CSS technology then sit down, get a front row seat and fasten your seat belt tight because this tutorial will quickly take to where you need to go. Enjoy the ride! Table of Contents: 1. Welcome to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Exploring CSS 2. HTML vs CSS - Part 1 3. HTML vs CSS - Part 2 4. Anatomy of a css rule 5. Review: The Three Basic Types of CSS Rules 6. Three Basic Rules in Action 7. Wrapping Up the Fundamentals 8. Using Redefined HTML Elements for Efficient Design -... 9. Using Redefined HTML Elements for Efficient Design -... 10. Additional Efficiency - Part 1 11. Additional Efficiency - Part 1 12. Creating Breadcrumbs from Lists 13. Building A Navigation Menu from A List 14. Understanding Class Rules in the Background Code 15. Techniques For Editing Class Rules 16. Editing Rules in Code View 17. A Fast Way to Create Classes 18. Exporting Rules and Choosing Between Style Sheets 19. Creating Notes and Masking with CSS Comments 20. Controlling A Page with Internal & External Style S... 21. Attaching A Second External Style Sheet 22. Organizing Rules & Importing Style Sheets - Part 1 23. Organizing Rules & Importing Style Sheets - Part 2 24. Understanding Cascading - Part 1 25. Understanding Cascading - Part 1 26. Forcing Properties Using !important 27. Using the CSS Style Panel's Current Mode 28. Inline Rules 29. CSS Rollover Buttons 30. Printer friendly CSS 31. Thanks for Watching