Course For Final Cut Pro X 103 – Editing In The Magnetic Timeline

OS X 10.9
FCP X’s timeline is not only “Magnetic” but also redefines the whole concept of what a timeline is and how it works! Join Michael Wohl, one of the original designers of Final Cut as he shows how this amazing new video editing canvas will make your editing easier, faster and more fun! No more tracks! When you think about it, aren’t tracks really legacy leftovers that are no longer applicable in a digital world? Apple certainly thinks so, and that’s why learning the fundamentals of Final Cut Pro X’s new Magnetic Timeline is so compelling! Without the limitations of tracks and locked-in-line clips, the whole editing experience becomes more visual, more adaptable—more like working on an artist’s canvas. In this incredible Final Cut Pro X video editing tutorial by expert Michael Wohl, you will learn why FCP X’s new timeline will change the way you think about video editing. He first shows you how to create and organize projects. Then he discusses all the different types of edits including Append, Insert, Overwrite, Connect, Replace and Three-point editing and how these are accomplished in Final Cut Pro X’s re-engineered timeline. From there Michael discusses moving and connecting clips, and the various modes of the Position tool. He then moves on to teach all about markers, to-do items, zooming and navigation techniques. You’ll see why all of these techniques take on a new perspective and have different behaviors in FCP X’s trackless environment. No one knows Final Cut Pro X as intimately as’s Star trainer, Michael Wohl. So sit down with Michael and learn the hows and whys of editing in the brave new world of FCP X’s revolutionary Magnetic Timeline! Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. Creating a New Project 03. Organizing Projects 04. Importing iMovie Projects 05. Duplicating & Deleting Projects 06. Project Properties 07. Your First Edit 08. Append & Insert Edits 09. Overwrite Edits 10. Connect Edits 11. Replace Edits 12. Replace Warnings 13. Backtiming Edits 14. Three-point Editing 15. Insufficient Media Warnings 16. Audio Only & Video Only Edits 17. Selecting Audio Tracks 18. Playhead vs. Skimmer 19. Deleting Clips 20. Inserting Gap and Placeholders 21. Moving Primary Storyline Clips 22. Moving Connected Clips 23. Lifting from the Primary Storyline 24. Overwrite to the Primary Storyline 25. The Position Tool 26. Snapping 27. What Are Markers? 28. Naming Markers 29. Moving and Deleting Markers 30. To-do Items 31. Zooming in the Timeline 32. Numerical Navigation 33. Navigating Marker to Marker 34. The Timeline Index 35. Filtering the Timeline Index 36. Searching in the Timeline 37. Timeline History 38. Timeline View Options