Course For Final Cut Pro X 204 – Managing Media

OS X 10.6.6
Final Cut Pro X projects can incorporate tons of different assets in many different formats. Learn how to micro-manage them to speed up your workflow. FCP X Certified Trainer Ben Balser shows you all the tricks... Imagine trying to build a complicated machine with a pile of mixed-up parts that are disorganized and unlabeled... Now imagine building the same machine with parts that are organized into easily recognizable, neatly labelled boxes. That’s media management! Organizing your media assets before and during the editing process is key to speeding up your workflow. In this tutorial Final Cut Pro X editor Ben Balser takes you step by step through the media management process. First you’ll learn about metadata and the database paradigm that work together to help you organize your clips and get you easy access to them throughout the editorial process. The next section is all about planning your project, management foundations and general digital asset techniques. Next, you’ll explore Tags, Roles and the power of duplicate timelines. From there you’ll seamlessly transition to the Audition feature, in both the Browser and Timeline. Ben then explains the concept of Versioning edits with Roles. Audio files need managing, too! Ben doesn’t miss a beat with his videos on Audio Browser files and Audio Groups. Media Management has been taken to new heights in Final Cut Pro X. So join Ben Balser and see how you can get FCP X working like a fine-tuned machine! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Overview of Metadata 3. Overview of The Database Paradigm 4. Overview of Workflow Planning 5. Managing Core Elements - Part 1 6. Managing Core Elements - Part 2 7. Managing Core Elements - Part 3 8. Disk Image as a Management Tool 9. Offline Workflow & Moving Assets 10. Managing Stock Media 11. Managing with Tags & Roles 12. Versioning with Duplicate Timelines 13. Versioning: Event Browser & Compound Clips 14. Versioning: Event Browser & Auditions 15. Versioning: Timeline & Audition Clips 16 .Versioning: Versioning Edits with Roles 17. Versioning: Projects 18. Managing Audio in the Browser 19. Audio Groups for Mixing 20. Collaboration 21. Exported Clip Management