Course For Mac OS Preview

OS X 10.6.6
Apple Preview is the OS X program used for opening and editing PDFs, images, and other graphical content on your Mac computer. In this 2-hour tutorial Francesco Schiavon shows you how to get the most out of Preview! In your day to day work with your Mac computer, you're going to open and edit a lot of PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and other graphics files. Preview is the software application you'll use to accomplish these tasks, and many more. This tutorial begins with a detailed overview of the tools you'll use to edit and modify images and other files in Preview. You'll learn how to use the Move and Select tools, the Text tools, the Lasso, and the Instant Alpha tools. Next, you'll move on to discover how easy it is to annotate text and PDF files with preview. You'll learn how to use the Strike Through and Highlight tools, and also the Underline tool. Preview also provides a Side Bar you can use to navigate through your annotations, and you'll learn all the tricks you need to get the most out of this time-saving feature. With a solid text treatment under your belt, you'll next learn how to edit images by rotating, cropping, and color shifting graphics files. You'll even discover how easy it is to resample images, and transcode from one image format to another. PDFs are a big part of Preview, and you don't need Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit these files - Preview provides a perfect alternative! You'll learn how to create multi-page PDFs, add images to PDF files, and even how to password protect a PDF so other people can't edit or change files for certain security purposes. This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't have to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find topics of interest ... that's the essence of NonLinear Educating! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction To Preview 2. General Preferences For Opening Files 3. General Preferences For The Window's Background Colo... 4. Setting The Initial Image Scale In Preferences 5. Defining The Type of Scale Being Used To Display the... 6. Setting How A PDF Will Open Using Preferences 7. More Personal PDF Preferences 8. Removing Bookmarks In Preferences 9. Customizing The Toolbar 10. Using The Actual Size Tool With Zooming 11. Previous And Next Versus Back And Forward Tools 12. The Move, Text And Select Tools Applied To PDFs 13. The Move And Select Tools Applied To Images 14. Using Circular And Elliptical Selections 15. When To Use Lasso Selections Or Instant Alpha 16. Making Selections With The Smart Lasso 17. Optimizing How You Use The Smart Lasso 18. The Power Of Annotations 19. Working With Annotation Text 20. Making Notes On PDFs 21. Using Annotations To Make Links 22. Adding Highlighting, Underlining And Strike Through... 23. Navigating PDF Annotations With The Sidebar 24. Navigating Image Annotations With The Sidebar 25. Saving Annotated Files 26. Rotating And Flipping Images 27. Cropping And Rotating Images And PDFs 28. Adjusting Colour And Size Of Images 29. How To Resample An Image 30. Getting Into The Inspector 31. Exploring Multiple Page PDFs 32. Creating Multiple Page PDFs 33. Modifying PDFs by Adding New Pages And Images 34. Password Protecting PDFs With The Encrypt Option 35. Viewing Options With The Sidebar 36. Searching Within Preview 37. Searching Image Filenames 38. Slideshows On Preview 39. Bookmarks In Preview 40. Using Preview To Take Screenshots 41. Viewing Animated Gifs And 3D Images In Preview 42. Wrapping Up