Course For Motion 5 105 – Animating Effects

OS X 10.9
Got a behavior problem? Motion 5‘s got a solution. Learn how to animate using Behaviors, Keyframing and Tracking with the always animated Motion expert, Michael Wohl... Animating Motion’s effects can be easily accomplished by using Behaviors. Behaviors are sets of parameters that you apply to objects to move them, in a myriad of ways, around the frame. In this tutorial Michael Wohl shows you how use these built-in actions and reactions to quickly and easily create complex animations. Think of Behaviors as object-assignable personality traits that determine how all the different objects in your project conduct themselves in relationship to all the other objects on the screen. By setting up these “rules of behavior” you can quickly create very cool and complex animations that, some years ago, would have taken hours, or even days to produce! However, there are times when Behaviors just can’t get the job done. Keyframing to the rescue! In the final section of this animation tutorial Michael shows you everything you need to know to control your animation with keyframes in Motion 5. So join the master of misbehaving, Michael Wohl, and soon you’ll be animating Effects like the pros! Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. What is a Behavior? 03. Basic Motion Behaviors 04. Adjusting Behavior Attributes 05. More Basic Motion Behaviors 06. Adding A Parameter Behavior 07. Manually Assigning a Parameter Behavior 08. Applying Parameter Behaviors to Behavior Parameters 09. Simulating Object Interactions 10. Simulation Behaviors with Multiple Objects 11. Additional Simulation Behaviors 12. Shape Behaviors 13. Sequence Paint Behavior 14. Scale Over Life 15. Spin Over Life 16. Sequence Replicator Behaviors 17. Keyframing Basics 18. Navigating Between Keyframes 19. Animation Recording 20. Making Global Changes 21. Live Recording 22. Recording Options 23. Moving Keyframes in Time 24. Using the Keyframe Editor 25. Keyframe Editor View Controls 26. Keyframe Editor Header Controls 27. Reducing Keyframes 28. Keyframe Extrapolation