Course For Motion 5 401 – Creating 3D Text Fly Bys!

OS X 10.9
Watch and learn how to create a complex 3D text flyby effect with motion graphics expert, Iain Anderson... Apple's new Motion 5 software is a motion graphics artist’s wonderland where preset complex FX are created with drag-and-drop simplicity. However, building a custom project from scratch requires some intense planning and many intricate steps to ensure that the final product meets all of the designer’s specifications. In this tutorial, Motion expert Iain Anderson teaches you how he creates a 3D text flyby that resolves into a custom logo. He takes you step-by-step through the whole process from the initial setup to the final export. Along the way he’ll explain why he makes his creative choices and how all those decisions work together to make the final motion graphic. From creating the text, to working with cameras, replicators, behaviors and properties, you’ll join Iain as his travel companion on this creative 3D journey. You'll witness firsthand how a simple idea evolves into a motion graphic wonderland. Table of contents: 1. Welcome 2. Creating a New Motion Project 3. Creating a Background 4. The Opening Logo 5. Pushing Away the First Words 6. Creating the Second Batch of Words 7. Applying Styles to the Words 8. Creating a Camera 9. Creating the First Replicator 10. Duplicating for Additional Replicators 11. Position the Key Words in the Space 12. Setting up the Shot 13. Framing the First Word With a Behavior 14. Framing the Other Words 15. Advanced Camera Properties 16. Assembling the Text Pile 17. Integrating the Assembly With the Words 18. Importing a Cut-Out Photo 19. Masking Setup 20. Photo Reveal 1 21. Photo Reveal 2 22. Creating the Final Background Dark Text 23. Creating the Background White Text 24. Final Background Prep 25. Applying the Circle Mask 26. Final Export and Final Tweaks