Slam & Dunk Basketball

OS X 10.9.0
Dribble, slam, dunk, score and win worlwide Tournament! Show you skills, moves and fakes in this fast-paced authentic Basketball game. On defense, steal ball from your opponents and on attack, score 2 or 3 points shoots or dunk. Main features: - Single Match with Top AI game - Tournament games - Local 2 players games (with 2 gamepads) - Full 3D - Realistics animations - Real Basketball stadiums ambient sounds How to Play: - Keyboard arrow keys, Touch Screen Joystick, or Gamepad Joystick to Move Player - Left Ctrl or Left Alt, Touch Screen A Button, Gamepad A Button to Pass Ball and Steal Ball - Space, Touch Screen B Button, Gamepad B Button to Shoot and Dunk Time to enter competition!