Cryptex – Encrypted Markdown Editor

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Cryptex is a simple markdown text editor, but unlike other markdown editors Cryptex will also protect all your thoughts, notes, to-do lists and even passwords. Cryptex uses two strong encryption algorithms - 128bit AES and 128bit Twofish. Cryptex also hashes your password into a salted key thats is being used for encryption and does it a lot of times with two different algorithms (Whirlpool-512 and SHA-256) so its a lot harder to use Brute-force attack to guess your password. #Features * Markdown editor * AES + Twofish encryption * Simple sheet management * Export current sheet or selection to markdown, html, pdf or cryptex file * Easy to add new notes, passwords, even private keys * Drag and drop files to insert file's content directly into the editor * Document auto-locking P.s. We would love to hear from you!