CS GO Jackpot Simulator

OS X 10.6.6
▶ SALE - 75% OFF - only TODAY!! √ If you are a fan of CS / ONLINE CS GAMBLING, BETTING you must DEFINITLY DOWNLOAD this game NOW! The aim of the game is to simulate a real-life Counter Strike Case Opening and Jackpot. You earn virtual currency called Money for which you can BUY and SELL Skins. You can also BUY and OPEN CASES with keys to draw various skins and collect them! The prices of the items, skins, cases and keys are updated straight from STEAM. Thanks to this you can enjoy a real moment of thrill, just like in cs! Benefits: √ The game allows you to practice before betting your real money in online cs gambling. √ It is an alternative for online CS Jackpots, you can learn how to play the Jackpot, become better before betting your real money or just have fun playing it as it is. ▸ Counter Strike Global Offensive Jackpot simulator! ▸ Earn VIRTUAL MONEY by doing various TASKS! ▸ Get more MONEY by CLICKING like in a CLICKER game! ▸ Realistic SOUNDS! ▸ ALL SKINS from STEAM MARKET! ▸ Quick SKIN PRICES updating from STEAM MARKET! ▸ FULL HD game and SKINS graphics! Disclaimer: The money used in this game is 100% virtual currency, it can not be exchanged for real money/currencies or material/virtual goods. The skins you own in this game can not be exchanged for skins in any of the CS games. The purpose of this game is only to simulate online CS jackpot and opening, no real money or skins involved.