Dancing Kitty Cat

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Are you the biggest cat lover you know? Then look no further for your favorite app! Dancing Kitty Cat is the breakdancing, tail shaking, roof raising app for you! Control your very own 3D kitty with tons of dance moves, music, and more! Download Dancing Kitty Cat today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time! CRAZY DANCE MOVES Over 40 awesome dance moves! Combine moves from 4 different techniques of dance to give your kitty unique style! WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC? 8 different tracks to set the mood for your big performance! 3D KITTY AND DANCEFLOOR Fully animated kitty and 6 different dance floors to choose from! This is the must have app for cat lovers everywhere! Download Dancing Kitty Cat and bust a move today! Be sure to check out our adorable Virtual Pets too! Snuggle up with the cuddly Virtual Pet Kitty Cat or soar through the skies with the Virtual Pet Eagle! We appreciate the music and would like to thank the following sites/people: Craze Music, www.craze.se Gianmarco Leone