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Date Machine is easy to use and handy date calculator. This app is a great way to calculate number of days, weeks, months or years into the future or past. Calculate the days into a certain week. Or calculate how many days between two dates. Or many other. This app is a must for anyone who needs to perform date calculation. Using it's intuitive and simple interface Date Machine currently provide these functions: 1 - Day of year 2 - Week day name 3 - Days of calendar week 4 - Calendar week 5 - How many days from year Zero (Year 1 B.C.) 6 - Date from year Zero (Year 1 B.C.) 7 - Days between two dates 8 - Add days to date Example usage: Calculation of days at intervals until day at the time of which being since a certain day Calculation at date after XX day from a certain day. Calculation the week day name of one date past Quickly shows the date and day of week Works with both future and past timeframes Always use with today's date button Change the reference date from today to any date Calculate days till the next important day, like next holiday or a birthday! Calculate days you have lived! Just enter your birthday and today's date or other date. Something big is coming in 36 weeks A task will take 11 days, with Date Machine you will know the target date easily. Simple questions: You need to know what weekday is going to be a eleven days from now? What about what weekday was 34 days ago? What date does that 60 day warranty expire? When is 1 thousand days from now?