Dave in Danger

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重温过去的美好时光与戴维危险,一个有趣的街机游戏,由上世纪90年代的经典车型的启发。 控制使用Mac的键盘字符,并通过10级的冒险行走。在每个级别,你必须收集钥匙打开车门,并传递到下一个。 使用喷气背包飞行和枪打败敌人。 一个简单而有趣的复古游戏。 Relive the good old days with Dave in Danger, a fun arcade game inspired by classics of the 90s. Control the character using the keyboard of your Mac and walk through an adventure of 10 levels. In each level you have to collect the key to unlock the door and pass to the next one. Use a jetpack to fly and a gun to defeat the enemies. A simple and fun retro game.