DDi Codec — for Dolby B/C NR

OS X 10.8
DDi Codec is a precise digital equivalent of Dolby-B/C analog tape noise reduction system. It is the world's first dedicated software capable of decoding or encoding Dolby-C formatted audio in digital domain, along with full backward compatibility to Dolby-B. Powered by the proprietary DSP engine, the decoding/encoding can be performed in real-time pace which allows instant monitor and control of quality. Common issues that often lead to decode/encode errors are also addressed by the software with an unique set of fine-tuning tools, including: - The "Reference Vernier" is a novel means to aid aligning Dolby reference level without "loudness disturb". - The azimuth and gap-loss correctors are the digital efforts in compensating slight imperfection of an analog tape player used for digitizing tapes. - The "Play Trim" is a handy tool for compensating signal loss on a degraded pre-recorded tape. - The EQ Converter allows easy translation between 120μs and 70μs IEC EQ standards. - The built-in tone generator offers 400Hz 0dB signal at Dolby reference level for easy calibration. Properly using these peripheral tools can minimize decoding/encoding errors and achieve deeper optimal results. DDi Codec is a stand-alone GUI app without relying on any other DAW host. Currently supported audio formats are: wav, mp3, flac, aif, acc and m4a. and m4a.