Dead Rider

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Get motobike and ride through crazy tracks. Unique physics, challenging levels and much more! This game delivers the true ElastoMania and xMoto expiriense on you Mac devices. Features: - More than 100 challenging levels - Realistic physics and unique opportunity to finish each level as you want - Weekly tournaments with players all around the world - Customize your bike - Splitscreen Multiplayer mode, play with your friends from one Mac machine - The game is completely FREE without any purchase, you can play and not think about anything else! - Many more amazing features and more coming… Gamers comments: Pankaj Pankajj: "Fantasic this is really good game,intersting and easy to play" Hanuman Ji: "This game is the best" Mathews Albert: "Wow wow wow" If you have any problems or some questions please email us first don't rate game bad! We'll try to solve your problems.