Design for Folder

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We play folder. Change you want to change form. This is a very hard to make our outstanding application. You can be a simple operation, and your folder is not as beautiful. By classification folders, they can make their ideas more clearly. Beautiful folder, and you will look for increased efficiency. Of course, all this wonderful experience in our application. Maybe you have a lot of computers. But every time a folder is so monotonous, try to try new things, you'll find the world a better place. Creativity on your computer desktop. Design and coolest desktop culture. We offer a variety of beautiful folders and icons, you just need to click the mouse to easily drag interface, you can easily use. Simple application interface, easy to operate, suitable for a variety of occupations. 1. Click on your selected folder, drag the specified interface. 2. Click on the button styles, select the folder you want to style. 3. Click on the icon to select select clips you want. At the same time, you can change its shape and location, and filter effects. 4. You can change the font you want. If you want to clear the screen, then click reset. 5. Your work has been completed when the click use, you select the folder will change.