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Instantly hide and show all files, folders, and app icons on your messy desktop with Desktop Ghost! You don't need to move all the files on your desktop to take a screen recording or a screenshot anymore! Temporarily hide your messy desktop with Desktop Ghost and unhide it when you're ready! Features: -Instantly hide and show the items on your Desktop! -Optionally run the app as a Menu Bar extra application for easy access! It's YOUR choice! (OS X 10.9 and later). -Hide/Show your desktop items from the standard window OR the status bar! -Easily set Desktop Ghost to run when you log in to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default). -Hides all items on the desktop when you press the hide button. Items dragged onto the desktop after a hide can be seen (unless you press the hide button again)! Great reasons to use Desktop Ghost: -Use Desktop Ghost to hide your messy desktop for a screencast! -Use Desktop Ghost to hide your messy desktop to take screenshots! -Desktop Ghost does NOT temporarily move your items nor does it delete them, it simply hides them!