Essential Training for Lightroom CC 2015

OS X 10.10
Take what you know about Lightroom—whether it's a little or a lot—and kick it up a notch, with this essential training from us . Lightroom CC brings this extremely popular photo-asset management, enhancement, and publishing program for Windows and Macintosh into the Creative Cloud, offering integration with the rest of the Adobe apps as well as access to Lightroom Mobile. There are more features to cover than ever before. We start with the Library module: the hub for importing, viewing, ranking and rating your photographs. Then we'll move to the Develop module and show how to make one-click enhancements, correct exposure, retouch distractions, and perform localized adjustments. Want to push photos to their creative limit, and share them with family friends? We also covers creating panoramas and books, slideshows, and custom print layouts. Contents of Essential Training for Lightroom CC 2015: 1. Getting Started 2. Importing Your Photographs 3. Viewing Your Images in the Library Module 4. Rating and Organizing Your Photographs 5. Grouping Your Photos into Collections 6. Working with Metadata 7. Opening Images in Photoshop 8. Exporting Your Photos 9. Improving Photos with the Develop Module 10. Fixing Your Photos with the Retouching Tools 11. Making Localized Corrections 12. Changing and Enhancing Color 13. Reducing Noise and Sharpening 14. Correcting Lens Distortion 15. Adding Vignettes and Grain Effects 16. Using Photo Merge to Combine Images 17. Creating a Book Project 18. Sharing Your Work as a Web Gallery 19. Building a Slideshow 20. Creating Quality Prints