DesktopReader for Quora

OS X 10.12
DesktopReader for Quora is a simple Application for Mac where users can post questions and give answer to questions posted by others. It gives users easy access to Quora inside an intuitive app layout. This is one of the fastest medium to access Quora on Mac. By using the app, users will be able to browse through different topics, follow their favorite authors, answer questions so on and so forth. Top Features: -Easy to launch app. -Post questions easily from the app. -Download images posted by others. -Open multiple windows and browse more. -Open app at log in. -Hide App icon from the Dock without closing the app. DesktopReader for Quora will give you full access to every Quora feature you wanted to gave in an app. Download DesktopReader for Quora today and start using Quora the most efficient way.