Disketch Plus

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Disketch Plus Disc Label Software Use Disketch to create CD and DVD labels as well as cover images for jewel cases. You can set a simple background color and organize artist information along with track lists. Disketch allows you to put a personal touch with your own photos and artwork. Easily import your media then arrange the images and text! Disketch Disc Maker will help your discs stand out from the crowd! This user friendly CD label maker lets you put your own creative touch on your CD and DVD discs. Features: * Create CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk labels * Import your own photos to create personalized disc backgrounds and covers * Print on sticky labels, or directly onto printable discs * Easily move and layer text and images to design labels * Choose from a variety of text styles * Easily format, resize and align your text * Import track names directly from a CD in your disc drive * Change the background color of the disc * Manually adjust the printing position on a page