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NDI WebLink is an HLS streaming server for NDI Sources, which can also also stream in a simpler, low latency JPEG mode. NDI WebLink provides a bridge between NDI IP Video sources and HTML WebBrowsers. Each NDI Source is made available as a streaming video feed to your web browsers running on any device. This version also supports NDI | HX sources. Simply launch the app and it automatically discovers the NDI devices on your local area network. Browse to the Monitor page in a web browser on *any* other device on your lan (including iPads and iPhones) and you will be able to stream the NDI source inside a browser window with very low latency. You can use JPEG or HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) modes as required. In JPEG Mode, two methods, automatically selected, support modern browsers with higher performance, lower overhead playback or standard performance for basic web browsers in simpler devices like smart TVs. Note that in JPEG Mode, NDI WebLink streams video, but not audio. In HLS Mode, audio and video are both included.