DiskKeeper Pro: advanced Cleaner & Uninstaller

OS X 10.10
DiskKeeper Pro - Cleaner & Uninstaller in 1 tool The utility that makes difference. Video guide, complete list of the features and documentation can be found at DiskKeeper Pro official page: http://diskkeeperpro.devotion8.com PRIMARY CLEANING FEATURES - Applications cache and junk data - Browsers cache (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) - User logs (keeping you protected and junk free) - Email cache - Trash can ADVANCED FEATURES - Launch Quick Clean from the menu bar - Automatic cleanup when preset junk size threshold is reached - Add your own folders to scan and purge (make DiskKeeper Pro limitless) - Exclude the Trash from Auto-cleanup - Integrated Uninstaller *** "Keep Me Clean" mode *** In this mode it will stay in your menu bar ready to remove any kind of quickly cleanable junk. In "Keep Me Clean" mode you can set DiskKeeper Pro to automatically execute cleanup when a certain junk size threshold is reached. *** Uninstaller *** DiskKeeper Pro comes with integrated uninstaller. Once enabled from the preferences the Uninstaller will automatically perform complete uninstall and remove all the leftovers of any app you delete or move to the Trash. Note: DiskKeeper Pro needs to run in "Keep Me Clean" mode in order this feature to work. *** User Defined Folders *** Add your own folders to scan and purge and make DiskKeeper Pro limitless. DiskKeeper Pro also provides you with smart suggestions for some applications and data folders that are safe to be purged like: Viber Downloads, XCode Derived Data, iOS updates and more. A quote regarding our support quality: "If we could get other developers to mirror your responsiveness it would be a boon for us all. Thank you." - Larry, DiskKeeper Pro user In case of no (or low) satisfaction we will refund you in 1 (one) business day. Submit your suggestions to: contact@devotion8.com