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DNG Cleaner removes unwanted profiles, previews and settings from DNG images, and losslessly compresses the images to save space. When used with products such as Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop, DNG images can accumulate settings, previews, etc that just take up space and waste your time. DNG cleaner fixes that in a single step. DNG Cleaner also allows you to change the camera make and model, and remove cropping. • Easy to use - just select a source folder, select a destination folder, and go. • Removes large preview images that can needlessly take up megabytes of space, and regenerates a new set of standard previews. • Removes embedded adjustments to allow a clean start when editing an image. • Removes unused profiles. • Optionally can remove DNG "opcodes" that are used for lens correction, and repair of sensor problems such as stuck pixels. • Optionally losslessly compresses the image to save space. • Allows the camera make and model to be changed so that you can use the image with software that otherwise wouldn't support it. • 100% compatible - DNG Cleaner complies with all DNG specifications, and cleaned files comply with the same version of the DNG specification as the original file. • macOS High Sierra and Retina 5K display compatible.