Dog Medical Agenda

OS X 10.8
NOW INTEGRATED WITH THE IPHONE AND THE IPAD VERSIONS OF THE APPLICATION! ### Have a look the application review on, at’s-medical-details ### Here is an application that will enable you to keep track of all information relative to the health of your dogs: general information (such as breed, color, microchip information, ...), vaccinations, physical examination, medications , allergies, diagnostic tests and results, ... This information could prove of great importance in a variety of everyday situations from a routine veterinarian check up, to any possible emergency situation. Dog Medical Agenda will allow you to always have at your fingertips: - Your dogs general and health information (breed, sex, microchip information, ...) - A list of any diagnostic testing undertaken or planned with relevant dates and results. - A list of all vaccinations offered and taken up, together with reminders of the dates for boosters to be administered. Any reactions and subsequent remedies can also be logged. - A list of any noted allergies, the allergic factors involved and the remedies necessary to relieve the symptoms. - A list of prescribed medications, their indications and the frequency of assumption. - A dedicated point of access to the main phone numbers relevant to your dogs health (veterinar…..). This application is user-friendly thanks to the precompiled sections (see vaccination section). Should you feel that functionality could be added to or improved, please do not hesitate to post/email your suggestions at: If you have any issue, please email directly to: We’ll be happy to address your question, answering directly back to you.