Grammar Fun 2nd Grade

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Follow a friendly robot on a language arts adventure! Kids can master the basics of grammar and have fun with over 200 exercises that teach about verbs, nouns, adjectives, tenses and more. Learn about sentence construction, reading comprehension and other language arts concepts. Features • Simple drag-and-drop interface • Over 200 exercises and games to reinforce learning • Covers concrete and abstract nouns, verbs, tenses, adjectives, articles and more Explore the universe of grammar with activities covering: • Nouns: Learn about the three main functions of nouns • Common & Proper Nouns: Learn the difference between common and proper nouns • Concrete & Abstract Nouns: Practice identifying the difference between concrete and abstract nouns • Action & Linking Verbs: Sort action and linking verbs into categories • Verb Tenses: Identify how verbs show the past, present and future • Verb Phrases: Discover the difference between main and helping verbs • Adjectives: Identify three main uses of adjectives • Articles: Fill in the missing words to complete the sentences • Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns: Learn the difference between demonstrative adjectives and pronouns