Doodle Destroy

OS X 10.5
Doodle Destroy is finally available for the Mac! ! This game was featured on ! The famous iPhone game with Over 1,000,000 Downloads is finally available for the Mac! Game Description: Try a smart physics puzzle action. In Doodle Destroy, your goal is to keep the blue cube on the gray blocks. Tap to destroy the red blocks. While at it, the other blocks may fall or tip over based on real physics action. Good timing and smart thinking will help you to complete your goal. ------------------------------------------------- Doodle Destroy 2 is now in the iPhone App Store It's on sale, go get it now! ------------------------------------------------- Some of you've said they finished the whole game in 30 min. Well, trust me Doodle Destroy 2 will take you more than that. If you'll ever do! Go check it out! P.S. I'm a 15 year old iPhone game developer from Kuwait. I've just got into programing a couple of months ago. Please take it easy on me with your reviews. (: ومشكورين على دعمكم المتواصل