Dragon Rampage – Dragon Simulator

OS X 10.6.6
Dragon Rampage Control your fire breathing dragon through a realistic medieval village, roam free throughout the city as you take dragon rage to a new level. Smash cars, boxes, even buildingsRealistic True 3D arcade action simulation. You are an angry dragon, a hydra, a legendary creature of myth and legend hellbent on creating as much serpent damage as possible. Become the behemoth hunter, fly, breathe fire and smash the village to pieces. In this exciting game there is only one goal use your hydra to smash and burn things! Be careful as you are also being hunted by giant chickens, pigs and other crazy animals. Are you a hunter or prey in this exciting game? Play and you will find out. Love Goat Simulator ? Then you will love this Features: --Control a fire breathing behemoth --2 Medieval Levels --Eat People and animals --Smash everything to get the most points -- Your own village and park to smash and burn If you enjoy games such as Dinosaur Simulator,Shark Simulator, Bear Simulator, Goat Simulator you will love this this lizard action game. Dragon Rampage download now. Also check out Dinosaur Rampage – Trex. Our Jurassic period game.