DragonScales 4

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DragonScales is back with 180 totally new levels! This installment in the series introduces novel boards with expanded gameplay, including extra challenges such as looping cells and single-click boards. Solve tricky puzzles, play strategically, collect all the stars, get all the achievements, and embark on a new adventure!* 180 totally new levels. * Multiple challenges: classic combinations, gravity boards, chasing scales, tricky puzzles, flooding boards, looping cells, and many more actions. * Collect 80 stars. Some stars are secret, and you'll have to find them out. * New Skip Level button to allow you to continue your adventure if some level turns out to be very demanding. * Now DragonScales allows players to win achievements to keep track of your dexterity and to improve on replay value. * Alluring experience for both expert and casual players. Enjoy a relaxed play experience or try improving on each level's records!