Drone Pilot (UAS) Test Prep

OS X 10.10
Ace your FAA Remote Drone Pilot in Command Knowledge Test! This test prep app is 100% what you need to help you pass both your initial small unmanned aerial system (sUAS/Drone) RPIC knowledge test which is now required by the new CFR 14 Part 107 FAA regulations. What's more, with its free lifetime updates, it'll also prepare you for the recurrency/recertification tests that you'll need to take down the line at no extra charge. Study at your own pace wherever and however works best for you. Lean from the detailed and illustrated explanations written by our experienced editorial team. Save hundreds compared to those weekend/online courses that seem to be springing up everywhere these days. This app includes an extensive (and regularly updated/growing) question set covering all of the airman certification standards (ACS) knowledge areas, including - Airspace and Flight Restrictions - Drone Regulations and Remote Pilot Licensing - Aviation Weather - Drone operations and safety - Emergency Procedures - sUAS Performance and Limitations - Crew Resource Management - Aeronautical Decision Making - Airport Operation - Preflight Inspection and sUAS Maintenance Why you should get this app: #1. Detailed, illustrated explanations. Written by drone instructors and FAA designated examiners, our explanations will help you effectively learn the material so that you'll be prepared for any question variants the FAA will throw your way on the actual test. #2. Free Lifetime Updates. Study now or refresh later. The app will be there for you. #3. More real and representative questions than any other prep, and the list is regularly growing as feedback from real tests comes in. #4. Plenty of study and learning modes (including the ability to take unlimited practice tests!) #5. Audio mode included at no extra charge! You can now listen to the questions read by a human narrator. Helps you study on the move! #6. All the charts and figures that you will need to reference are included. #7. Fast and Polished User Interface #8. A cool "Question Stack" feature helps zoom in on and eliminate problem areas quickly! #9. Fully integrated "JargonBuster" aviation dictionaries #10. A proven system that works. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people pass their FAA tests over the last 20+ years. We invite you to be next!