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Drop’n’Roll is the first OSX automatic video editor for making and sharing movies in a quick and easy way. With just a few clicks, your video clips are mashed up into a movie with a soundtrack. Drop'n'Roll uses editing rhythm based on a music track of your choice or a variety of our preset themes. Preview your movie instantly and edit individual parts of it. For more variety, tapping "refresh" will change the entire editing to provide more versions of your movie. Developed in a collaboration of moviemaking and software industries, Drop’n’Roll automatic video editor delivers the best result for everyone! No editing skills are needed. Just shoot videos and make unlimited instant movies to share with friends and family! It’s easy, fast, and fun! Drop’n’Roll features: ● Fully automatic video editing ● A collection of editing themes created by movie-making professionals ● Create unlimited number of movie versions using the same set of video clips ● Video clips can be assembled randomly or chronologically ● A pack of color correction filters ● Customized movie titles (add your name and comments or copyright info) ● Support for .mov (h264, ProRes, Photo-JPEG, MPEG-4 codecs), .mp4, .m4v video formats and use of video clips from camcorders, digital cameras, smart phones ● Ability to save movies in web quality, normal, HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) quality ● Ability to export editing to Final Cut Pro X xml format ● Retina display compatible Please visit www.dropnroll.tv for more information. Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/dropnrolltv and like us on Facebook facebook.com/dropnroll.tv Send your questions, comments and suggestions to support@dropnroll.tv. We appreciate your feedback!