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Dupin Lite 2

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"[Does] a much better job than iTunes’ Show Duplicate Items command of finding and zapping duplicate files, letting you easily tame overflowing libraries." - Macworld, "5 Essential Tools That Every iTunes User Should Have" Quickly find, filter, and Trash your iTunes duplicate tracks. Delete "dead" track duplicates. Handles iCloud Music Library/iTunes Match tracks. Dupin Lite 2 is your iTunes duplicates manager. Dupin Lite 2 handles your duplicate tracks in 3 simple steps: 1. Get Duplicates - gather your duplicate tracks into Dupe Groups based on your choice of criteria. Case-sensitivity/insensitivity and "fuzzy" time matching can identify near-dupes. 2. Filter - automatically designate the single "Keeper" track in each Dupe Group using a variety of versatile filtering options (Most/Least Played, Oldest/Newest Added, Highest/Lowest Bit Rate, and much more) 3. Purge - remove the "non-Keeper" tracks from iTunes and optionally move their files to the Trash* Additional Dupin Lite 2 features: • Works with iCloud Music Library/iTunes Match tracks in the cloud* • Support for Notifications • Audition tracks via Quick Look • Delete "dead" tracks • Toggle case-sensitivity during duplicates search • "Fuzzy" time matching • Locate tracks in the Finder and in iTunes • Copy tracks to new iTunes playlists • Sort tracks and view track info • Export a list of duplicates to a text file • Manage intentional duplicates • Visual progress feedback during operations • Ample keyboard shortcuts • Customizable toolbar • Robust Help and Documentation Dupin Lite 2 is fast, flexible, and easy to configure. For OS X 10.8 and later. Feedback can be emailed to support@dougscripts.com. ABOUT THE DEVELOPER: Doug Adams is the proprietor of "Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes", dougscripts.com, which has been providing reliable solutions to Mac iTunes users since 2001. *Tracks designated to be Purged whose files are located in the cloud will be copied to a new discrete iTunes playlist from which they can be batch-deleted by the user to avoid having to individually acknowledge the iTunes delete alert for each track.