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With DuplicateMediaManager -You can see the duplicate files and you can select and delete the duplicate media like duplicate Photos, duplicate Music files, duplicate Video files, duplicate Word documents, duplicate excel sheets, duplicate puts and duplicates folders etc. -You can find the duplicates in any Folder or Directory or External Hard disk as well. http://www.sourceoftrendingideas.com Usage : 1.Click on Select Folder button and select any folder from the File select option. 2.DuplicateMediaManager will display the media files present in the selected folder. 3.click on "Scan For Duplicate" button and see for your duplicates media in the respective section. 4.click on photo view in image view to view the details media like name,path,size,dimension etc. 5.Select the duplicates files and click on Move To Trash button to move your selected content to Trash and Select delete button to permanently delete the content.Thats all You have freed size that your duplicate files has occupied. Shortcut to Delete: Just select the item from photo view and just press delete button to delete the selected content. Multiple Selections: For multiple selections use command + click combination. Added the following new features. 1.Displays the total number of items(Photos,music files,video files,word docs etc) respect to the category selected present in Selected folder. 2.Total size occupied by the items. 3.total number of duplicate items respect to the category selected. 4.Total size occupied by the duplicate items respect to the category selected. 5.calculate and displays the folder size correctly. Thanks for using this App. Reach out for any issues : sourceOfBrilliantApps@gmail.com