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Ear Trainer™ will pump up your musical ear by interactively teaching you to hear single notes (tone), intervals, chords, scales, and tempo. Ear Trainer™ is very customisable. You can custom select the range of notes to work with. You can choose to have intervals and chords sound arpeggiated or in unison. You can select which particular notes, intervals, chords, scales, or tempo to work with. You can add inversions for chords. You can select your sound from a rich built in instrument bank. You can also select the random instrument mode, which will play each separate single note, interval, chord, or scale with a different instrument, using variable attack and loudness - comes in handy for developing absolute pitch. Ear Trainer™ is integrated with your MIDI instrument via the USB interface, making it possible to learn in the most natural and productive way. You also get the virtual keyboard view, as well as multiple choice view. Ear Trainer™ has a built in reference with text and illustrations, so you can always peek how that augmented chord is constructed, or where exactly that F#5 note is located on your piano. The references are printable. Ear Trainer™ also keeps track of your performance statistics, which helps make you aware of progress, as well as pointing out areas that need improvement.