Edge Recording Manager

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The GV-Edge Recording Manger (Mac version) is a tool designed for recording management of remote GV-IP Cameras and GV-Target Cameras. It is an integrated interface from which you can assess live view, assign recording to NAS servers, enable recording, play back videos and view storage space without visiting each host´s Web interface. Any connection with hosts can be disabled without affecting or stopping the hosts’ normal functioning. It also supports live view display and video playback of hosts connected to GV-IP Device, GV-VMS/DVR/NVR/SNVR and GV-Recording Server. Features - Display up to 32 channels for free, 64 channels with In App Purchase - On-demand display for dual channels - Fisheye dewarping - Manual snapshot - Enable and disable host recording for GV-IP Devices - Host storage assignment to NAS servers for compatible GV-IP Devices - Remote playback - Batch IP address assignment - PTZ control - One-way audio - Import and export of system configuration - View storage information (free and occupied space) for GV-IP Devices