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A minimalist editor for social media and blogs. •• Write once, publish anywhere. ∙ Medium, Wordpress, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or any other blogs that support standard Blog APIs such as MetaWeblog and AtomPub. •• Enjoyable writing experience ∙ Paste or drop images on this easy and simple rich text editor. Drag your curations from NoteSheet library. Open multiple tabs and write at the same time. Tabs are saved automatically. You can also save them as clean HTML files or export to markdown files. ∙ Just drag the link from your web browsers or pasting the URL and hit enter to create a cool curation box. ∙ Twitter and Youtube will be neatly placed on the published page as a native embed box. ∙ Tweet with the poster attachment that captures your writing. You can now write more than 280 characters! ∙ Post to Facebook and its pages with your blog contents! Draft will try best with plain text. Are you a dev blogger? Then you will enjoy our code box that will host your code snippet. •• Research tool for writers. ∙ Did you find a killer sentence from news apps? Curate it with NoteSheet, a free companion app for iOS, Android and Chrome browser, and start an article with Editoy Draft. Clips are already right next to your writing.