Email Marketing

OS X 10.6
Get the emails of your potential customers in three simple steps. Email Marketing is a powerful and easy tool for building email list targeted to a specific market subject. It's as simple to use as a search engine, You only need to specify the keywords and Email Marketing will bring thousand of emails addresses parsed from the search results. You can store the email lists or export to CSV (adequate for databases or Outlook) and VCF (adequate for GMail, Apple Agenda and many other email systems) All the extractions are saved in the database for future uses. We listen to Our customers. The following functionality was added to 4.0 version: * Search also fro regular expressions. * Besides the search engine, you can specify a list of domains where the search will be performed. * New filter to ignore emails such as admin, webmaster, abuse, and so on. You can edit the filter to ignore or retrieve the emails you wish. * You can export only the columns you wish. * You can specify the search depth of the domains, from 1 (only explore Home page) to 5 increasing the number of retrieved emails up to 400%. * Improved crawl algorithm. Now is even faster than previous one. * Select the max number of pages retrieved in a domain, from 100 to 5000. * Improved algorithm to detect and discard slow domains which consumes a thread and retain a lot of memory. Your searches will run faster. * Now you can use search engines from a specific country so the results will be targeted to this country. * New option to select the CPU consumption from Low, Normal or High. There are search engines for the following countries: All countries (.com) Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brasil Canada Chile Colombia Denmark Egypt Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Mexico Morocco Nederland New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom USA Venezuela