Emerald Rush

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Guide our hero through the gauntlet of abandoned mine levels, collecting emeralds, diamonds and other valuables. The local township speaks (behind closed doors) of bug and alien infestations. Such rumors don't concern you, right? Surely aliens wouldn't come all the way to Earth just to hide underground? Of course not. However, there are readings of elevated temperatures. Tectonic activity releasing hot lava into the mine is the official reason for the closure. Your heat-resistant jetpack suit will protect you, as long as you don't come in direct contact. You'll also want to keep an eye out for those that have entered the mine ahead of you but not returned. Who knows, you might return both rich and a hero! If only you could find the entrance on this dark and stormy night... ---------------- This is a re-imagining of the 80's classic genre of boulders and gems, introducing action, adventure, gravity, water & lava dynamics. Game play: Behind each door, the green emeralds need to be collected before your jetpack runs out of fuel. Solve puzzles and avoid dangers in this beautiful and musical adventure. Original music score, by Stewart Croser. Replay-able: Subtle variations in the physics simulation means that each time you play, the experience is unique.