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iWriter Pro is simple and elegant text editor with built-in Markdown support. # Key Features: - Sync across all your Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. - Text editing with live syntax highlighting. - Preview for Markdown and MultiMarkdown documents. - Fast and responsive editing even for large files. - Reading time, word and character counters with live update. - QuickLook plugin for Markdown documents. # iWriter Pro supports: - Export Markdown documents to HTML, PDF, RTF and LaTeX. - Markdown documents printing. - Keyboard shortcuts for formatting and navigating within text. - Customizable fonts and 4 beautiful color themes. - Automatic number/bullet list continuations. Please note: iWriter Pro is designed to be as easy as possible so it works with plain text files only (like ‘.txt’ and ‘.md’). If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us at http://serpensoft.info