English Typing Tutor

OS X 10.11
Our award winning software, with more than 20 years experience in educational software production, we are proud to release the waited version of our typing tutor training software for Macs. The faster you type, the more productive you are. As per our slogan, we created this nice application that takes you step by step to professional levels; as a programmer or a secretary or even a simple user, who must write say 50+ emails daily. By getting trained, saving 2 min per email allows 1 and half hour to enhance your life quality. People interestd in studying the english language have now an easy way to learn it by typing. Features (supports Mac versions from 10.10 and higher): 1- Training and tracking unlimited number of users 2- Ability to share user statistics on a central shared network folder 3- Passwords are hard encrypted. 4- Training standard qwerty English - US keyboard layout 5- More than 10+ lessons for English typing training. 6- Intensive photos of finger positions for step by step learning. 7-Effective calculation of speed based on character per second. 8- Newly proposed algorithm for effective calculation of finger stimuli latency and key data. 9- Dictation has not been forgotten, and thus two interesting different games with audio/visual stimuli are presented. 9-a- The ball dropping game which stresses finger response based on audio/visual stimuli. 9-b- The space moving letters which is more advance in nerve training, since it accepts key pressing only in audio intervals. This game has been designed in this way to enhance typing based on dictation. 10- Possibility to train different key groups, either based on the lessons or custom groups. Get familiar with the English letters and start being a professional now. Designed for private use. For commerical use, please see our pro version. For other languages see our other software. Made in Germany.