Equilibrium 3D

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*** For best experience we recommend installing DiskKeeper Pro first. It will keep your Mac responsive, clean and reliable. Learn more at http://diskkeeperpro.devotion8.com *** Equilibrium 3D is a mix of 3D Arkanoid and First-Person puzzle/platformer. Yet, not just another Arkanoid clone... “A unique blend that you have to try” – Alexandru Chirila / Softpedia The unique aspect of the game is that not all of the bricks can be destroyed with the ball. Some of them have to be detonated from inside. That’s where the FPS part starts. When you hit such brick with the ball you are transformed inside it and you have to find the detonator. Spawn cubes with your special plasma gun, climb on them and reach the detonator to activate it. Absolutely unique gameplay. The game delivers: - Attractive levels - Amazing graphic effects - 3D sound - Old-school soundtrack - Unique gameplay - Cool powerups And even more to come!