eSecure (Clean Adware-Malware)

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The best, simplest and the most secure Adware Cleaner on Mac App Store Designed exclusively to secure & protect your Mac from adware. eSecure helps you to remove and get rid from: - Adware - PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program) - Malicious Toolbars - Hijacker - Malware, Including Trojans Get eSecure to assist you when: • Your browsers are slow, sluggish, and quit suddenly or have navigation problems. • Your navigation is hijacked or your browser toolbar is full of useless add-ons. • Popups with advertisement and scams open up repeatedly. • Your Mac starts to complain about low disk space and the apps are always crashing. • You get specific ads that know what websites you visit and what your interests are. • Your browsers are full of sensitive data, personal information and navigation history that you wish to clean eSecure is exclusively designed to: • Keep your Mac free from Adware Malware: Clean all the browser extensions that hijack your navigation and get rid of all the malware that open popups with advertisements and scams. • Keep your Browsers Clean and your Mac Protected: Remove all the navigation history, cookies & searches and also clear all the logged in sessions, downloads or other sensitive data and privacy threads from the browsers. • Keep your Mail Clean: Remove all the large mail attachments and caches to save disk space and keep your Mac secured. • Keep your Mac Clean & Fast: Remove useless system caches, log files, update files and other unwanted data to save the valuable disk space and enhance your Mac speed and performance by cleaning all the over-sized application logs and temporary files. Don’t get hijacked. Protect your Mac and secure your personal information & identity. Get a clean, fast and protected Mac in no time. We would be glad to hear from you. For any questions, suggestions, or complaints, do get in touch with us at