Essence Reading(IELTS)

OS X 10.8
- You might be discomfited because your reading ability in english does not match that yours first language. You want develop your reading skill so that you can read better and faster. To day, ESSENCE READING...will help you to improve kind of reading skills - There are 20 chapter. Each chapter has three main part: Reading questions, vocabulary,grammar focus. This give you the language content of each chapter - Reading question: after reading you find the topic sentence, the sentence which summariezes the main idea the passage. The topic sentence is often the first sentence of the passage. The question used: main idea, detail, finding the meaning,filling in the blak - The vocabulary test consist of Idiom & expressions, filling in the blank, use the following paragraph by appopriate. The chapter you learn new vocabulary - The grammar focus is give you a chance to practice grammar which is not included in the question section, using one or two paragraph of passage - There is an Essence reading which has grammar,vocabulary, reading question. It has audio will help you develop skill listen and pronunciation Good luck with learning english We hope you enjoy using Essence reading!