Olympus Griddlers

OS X 10.7
The legendary Mount Olympus needs a new hero! Complete 120 unique levels and earn many fine Greek trophies. In each of the 6 luxurious stages, quests from Zeus, Athena, Hermes and the other legendary Gods of Mount Olympus await you. This puzzle game's genre also known as griddlers, picross, hanjie, nonograms, japanese crosswords, logic puzzles, pic-a-pix, nonogramme, logimage, logic art, nonogrids, japanilainen ristikko, nonogramm, kare karalamaca, nonogramas, malovane krizovky, crucipixel. New and improved controls will help you to pass all the tests. More than 10 hours of gameplay accompanied by excellent Greek music! Help the Gods of Mount Olympus to decode ancient scrolls and become a hero of the legends of Greece!