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Originally, Excel2MySQL was created to increase the speed of multi-million record analysis within ChartPoint. See: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chartpoint/id646915789?mt=12 With the ease of drag&drop simplicity you can upload millions of records from multiple Excel or CSV files to your MySQL database with amazing speed. Simply drag and drop your files over the application window; press Next, then Finish. Three simple steps and your files will be indexed and stored as individual tables within your MySQL database. Excel2MySQL adds a great deal of intelligence to automated database management. If you have an excel file which updates on a frequent basis, you can drag the entire file into this application and select the option to remove duplicates. This will allow you to only update the MySQL table with the latest data and not worry about cleaning the previously uploaded records. Similarly, it allows you to drag multiple versions of the same file from different dates without having to worry about possible overlaps. Finally, for those of you who would like to add columns to your database in the form of calculations or other logic, simply add them behind the columns. You can then interact with the database via PHP or other languages. Excel2MySQL will import its columns as expected while allowing for future flexibility and database dynamics. You can also export databases to CSV or multi-sheet or single-sheet Excel files. If there are features you would like to see in future versions of this application, please let us know!