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External IP is a extremely simple but very, very useful network tool - It shows your current "real" external IP-address in the top right corner at the status menu beside the system clock. (seamless integrated!) A "real" IP-address, also called external IP-address, is a IP4 address, that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allocates to you. This IP-address can be fixed or can change every time you "dial-in" ! In bigger networks, like company networks, this external IP is mostly significant for the companies routers or switches. External IP software is useful for administrators, or users, who switch their networks like VPNs and want to verify there current IP-Address with just one click or look ! Auto-refresh option (every 5 min) ! - If security matters -> i-formula.com - Tactical Defense Software and App Products ! The powerful validation, and our reputation for safety, durability, reliability, and ease of use, has also driven our consumer dedication further than ever anticipated. Moving forward, our commitment to "Perfection" remains steadfast: We will never compromise quality. We will continue to invest tremendous resources in the technology and talent necessary to improve our products wherever possible; and we will always strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction !