Extreme Landings Pro

OS X / Intel 32
$ 29.99
Extreme Landings Pro lets you test your piloting skills and manage the most critical flight conditions of history. Resolve emergencies and incidents inspired to real ones, in a crescendo of pure adrenaline. Start the individual engines, navigate between the equipment dashboards panels and be prepared to solve the over 5,000 possible situations to achieve the highest pilot level. Features 36 missions (6 included + 30 to add) 216 challenges of which 6 at global competition (18 included + 198 available for purchase) 20 HD airports (4 included + 16 available for purchase) Fast landing mode with global competition and 5 fault levels Instrument Landing System, ILS Speed, route, altitude, and vertical speed autopilot Primary flight display Navigation display Meteo radar to manage microburst, ice, and wind Advanced engines system with ignition, faults, and fire extinguisher Fuel management with weight-balancing, jettison, and real consumption Landing gears management with manual unlocking system Full control of the rudder, flaps, reversers, and spoilers APU management Worldwide navigation with 548 airports and 1107 usable runways, real or customizable weather conditions (available for purchase) Cartography with over 8000 waypoints (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX) Flight planning Cinema replay system 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation SRTM30 plus real terrestrial elevation MODIS VCF real coast line OpenWeatherMap real-time weather conditions Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.