Extreme Skate Boarder 3D

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Extreme Skate Boarder 3D is an addictive skateboarding skate racing game in a traffic bound downtown street road with bounty collection makes to uplift your sporting spirits to the highest level of action thrills with natural 3d animations of jump, pedal, spin stunts or tricks etc. Highly addictive Xtreme skateboarding roller coaster skating race is waiting for you! Have you ever thought of high speed Skateboarding or skating in big cities without any real accidents ? Game is well suited for outdoor or indoor sports gamers as well as car or motor cycle or bike riding racing gaming experts. Excellent action packed sports arcade game for kids including boys & girls. As you cross certain game thresholds of speed and distance, Skateboarding skating speed moves to next level of speed gear automatically to get more thrill. Try, not to smash hit or dash with moving vehicle objects while collecting bounties either same or opposite side of the road. Learn to focus and maneuver or steer the motion of Skateboarding skates using keyboard or mouse controls. Some bounty collections are more valuable than others, so don't miss the speed fast street party fun! Don't miss this wonderful 3D Extreme Skateboarding Skater game with modern cityscape track and various skater natural animations. Also try to find out hidden or surprise random simulations or animations during game play. Also as a bonus, we added new cool bridge track to extend the cool play. Total thrill & addictive. Also custom level for absorbing music and motion sensitivity levels to fit your needs. What are you waiting for ? Thrill never stops! Ready, Set, Go.! Fun starts here and never stops with superb background music blended with wheels, decks and landing skate race gear makes it own grinding noise. To treat yourself, early holiday gifts is on its way. So now, new and fresh cool Extreme Skate Boarder 3D game. Play it any time and any where. Enjoy. So why wait ? Download it now..! Limited time special offer. Key Features: * Multiple track - Busy downtown street or Sci-fi bridge * Racing against the time to pickup as many gift points and collectibles. * Perfect game with fast skate roaming to do tricks or stunts adventure.