Fast TM Restore

OS X 10.7
Time Machine is a great product. It makes regular backups an automatic part of your life. When you want to restore a file from your Time Machine backups, however, the full-screen animated galaxy and timeline ruler can be a little.. well.. much. While it's visually stimulating and entertaining, there are times when you just want to find and restore a file quickly, without all the full-screen eye candy. Fast TM Restore is the shortcut you've been searching for. It's the missing 'must have' companion for every Time Machine user. Browse your live filesystem and see all of the available Time Machine backup versions of any file or folder. Click on any version to see file size, creation timestamp, and modification timestamp details for a specific backup. Click one button to restore the Time Machine backup version to your live filesystem. Fast and easy! - Live filesystem view allows you to quickly and easily navigate through your folders and find any file. - Click one checkbox to reveal or hide hidden files in the live filesystem view. - Double-click any live filesystem file to see the Finder 'quick look' preview image, file size, creation and modification timestamp details. - Time Machine backup view shows all backup versions corresponding to the file/folder selected on the live filesystem view. - Clear visual indication of 'duplicate' backups compared to 'original' backup versions. - Click one checkbox to hide/reveal duplicate backup versions. - Click any backup to see the Finder 'quick look' preview image, file size, creation and modification date details. - Click one button to restore selected file/folder backup. - 'Save As' dialog allows you to rename the restored content and/or restore it to a different location. - Restoration process checks available disk space first to make sure you have enough space to restore selected content. - If a restoration would overwrite an existing live file/folder, for added safety the live file/folder is first renamed with a '.bak' extension. At the end of the restoration process the original file/folder is then moved to the Trash. From start to finish Fast TM Restore is built to let you get to the point quickly and efficiently: Get in. Get what you want. Get out.