Fileup ~ smarter file sharing with Dropbox

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Share your files smarter and easier through Dropbox using Fileup. Simply drag and drop any number of files into Fileup's always-present menu bar icon and it will take care of the rest: those files will be automatically uploaded and have shareable links generated. Fileup features: + Upload your files to any directory in your Dropbox + Includes smart file filters to upload files to different directories in your Dropbox based on their extension + Modifier keys to customize the app's behavior when a specific key is held and files are dragged to the menu bar icon + Various options to allow smarter re-naming of uploaded files -- or just use the original name! + Remembers up to the 100 most recent uploads in its history window + Option to upload various files as a single zip file + Integration with Notification Center to easily copy any shared file's link to your clipboard by simply clicking it *Please note that Fileup requires a Dropbox account to work.*