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Color picker, Palette and Gradient in one single app! Kelir enable you to choose any color from everywhere on your screen using the unique picker with a preview which color you are selecting. Once you pick a color, any code will be available for you to paste it. As we wanted to make your workflow efficient, we saved every color you picked, you may like it to keep all colors organized. Not only colors, Kelir provide you with a color palletes that you could generate from an image or pick the colors by yourself. Kelir provide you with ranges generated code as below: - Hexa code - UIColor RGB & HSB both Objective C and Swift - NSColor RGB & HSB both Objective C and Swift - NSColor Calibrated RGB & HSB both Objective C and Swift - NSColor Device RGB & HSB both Objective C and Swift - Android RGB - Android ARGB - Android XML - CSS RGB Our key feature: - iCloud support - We support your Touch Bar - Kelir sits on your menubar. So you could get access from everywhere - Kelir provide range of color codes you might want to choose (see above) - Kelir has Pallete which you could generated from a picker or an image - Kelir has Gradient colors which you could generate from 2 colors - Generated Code available on your clipboard once you picked a color - Retina Support - Show colors from other Kelir’s users - Show palletes from other Kelir’s users - Generate Pallete colors to CSS, LESS, SASS, XML Colors, and SVG - Generate Gradient colors to CSS, Swift UIView, Swift NSView, Android XML, and SVG Gradient Kelir requires Mac OSX 10.11 or later