Fire Draw – Paint with Real Flames!

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Set the canvas ablaze and paint creative masterpieces with real moving and crackling flames! Control the element of fire with every swipe of your mouse! Change the color and size of your flame to add detail and release your inner artist! A RAINBOW OF FIRE A dozen vibrant colors to create flaming art with! BONUS ELEMENTS TO PAINT WITH Realtime fire, bubbles, electricity and more will bring your painting to life! FULL SIZE CONTROL Add even more detail with full control over the size of your elements! EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE Designed with users of all ages in mind to make it fun and easy to paint with fire! STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION Beautiful moving particles will dazzle your eyes as they crackle and glow on your screen! You won't believe your eyes when a swipe of your mouse unleashes the power of fire and creates art like your have never seen it before! Be sure to check out our awesome Virtual Pets too! Raid villages for gold with the Virtual Pet Dragon or cower in fear of the ferocious T. Rex! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!